Eriberto Jimenez


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Born in Bogota, Colombia, with a training in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Contemporary dance, he began his dance training at Triknia Kabhelioz Contemporary School of Dance, becoming a member of the Company and participating in many of their national and international tours. Jimenez obtained a scholarship to study at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York and at the Miami Hispanic Ballet.  A regular guest artist throughout the US Southern region he dances with several touring entertainment companies, works on musical videos, TV, and tours with different artists.  Eriberto is also a resident guest artist for the Carolina Ballet, Expressions Dance Company and South Florida Ballet Theater as well as a soloist with the International Ballet Company, Miami Hispanic Ballet and Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami. Throughout the years he has developed his career as choreographer and pedagogue with Carolina Ballet School and Company, Center for Dance Education, Lexington Dance Center, Columbia Ballet School, Miami Classical Ballet School, Ballet Concerto, Balletique, International Ballet Academy and Company, and Miami Hispanic Ballet School and Company.   Mr. Jimenez is also General Assistant for the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center & Creation Art Center, Director’s assistant and Coordinator of the International Ballet Festival of Miami and Ballet Master of the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami.

Rolando Moreno

Resident Theater Artistic Director and Playwright

Mr. Moreno theater career began in Cuba in 1961 as a Costume and Set Designer. Designing over one hundred shows to date, Mr. Moreno has experience in all genres of performing arts.  In 1989, he started working in Miami as Director in the play The Nuns by Eduardo Monet. He later emerged as a play writer when in 1991 he created Como en la Havana, a monologue within the show Vivir del Cuento which he also directed for Creation Art Center.  He also wrote the play Habanera Tu Habanero Yo and has been directing it.  He was honored with the distinguished South Florida Carbonell Award in 1992 for his direction of Jose Triana’s play La Noche de los Asesinos.  It was the first Carbonell Award to a Hispanic director.  The honor was duplicated in 1994 when he won another Carbonell Award for Virgilio Pinera’s play Jesus.  Mr. Moreno has participated in various prestigious International Theater Festivals in Cuba, United States, Japan, France, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica. He also received the Individual Artistic Fellowship Award from the State of Florida for Design. Most recently, Mr. Moreno has directed El Malentendido by Albert Camus, La Casa de Bernarda Alba by Frederico Garcia Lorca; El Hombre que Vino del Mar; La Visita de la Vieja Dama and La Ultima Parada.

Luis de la Paz

Resident Moderator and Host of Viernes de Tertulia

Writer and Journalist from El Nuevo Herald

Luis de la Paz was born in Havana, Cuba.  He is a writer and journalist based in Miami after having left the Island during the Mariel Exodus, in 1980.  De la Paz has published many books throughout his life including;  An Endless Summer (Universal Editions, Miami 1996), The Other side (Universal Editions, Miami 1999) and Timeout (Editorial Silhouette, Miami 2009).  In Addition he has published Although Night Falls ((Universal Editions, Miami 2009), a collection of texts and documents about the anti-Castro writer and playwright Reinaldo Arenas, Cuban Theater Miami (Editorial Silhouette, Miami 2010), a selection of seven works of Cuba's living playwrights in Miami (July Matas, Matias Montes Huidobro, Jose Abreu Felipe, Daniel Fernandez, Ernesto Garcia, Yvonne Lopez Arenal and Julie Grandy), and Storytellers of PEN (Alexandria Library, Miami 2011), a collection of 22 stories from members of PEN Writers Cubans on Exile.  One of his stories is featured in the collection Tales from Miami (Poliedro, Barcelona 2004) and Word from a Young Suicide (Editorial Silhouette, Miami 2006).  He is also the author of monologues Happy Birthday Mom and The Laundry, represented in IX and XI Latin American Monologue Festival in Miami (2010 and 2012).  He was a columnist for Diario Las Americas (1996-2013) and currently writes for El Nuevo Herald on art literature.  He was the editor of online Cuban literature magazine El Arteje and is the recipient of the Cuban Museum's Essay Prize for his work Dulce Maria Loynaz, Journey of a Great Cuban Lady, and the Lydia Cabrera Journalism Award.

Alaen Ledesma

International Fine Art Advisor

Alaen got into the world of curatorship approximately two years ago. As a child he had an inclination for the arts, even though he graduated in economy and foreign trade. During his adolescence, however, he studied ballet, dance and theater, and has always been connected to art in one way or another.  Ledesma is a curator and promoter of numerous exhibitions of important Cuban plastic artists, among them Zaida del Rio, Alicia Leal, Carlos Guzman, Cristian Gonzalez Tellez, Eliecer Leicea and Nancy Reyes.  He has also worked with foreign artist such as African John Van Means, American Lynne St Clare adn Rigo Peralta from the Dominican Republic, among others.  Ledesma considers his work as having huge importance, as the painters give him responsibility of their works and place trust and freedom in him to take care of their exhibitions.   As far as his future work is concerned, he says: "I have the challenge of bringing in new talents who have not found their way yet and show the world their works so that they do not remain hidden". 

Miguel Angel Hernandez

International Fine Art Advisor

Miguel Angel Hernandez (Las Palmas, Canary Islands 1979).

Entrepreneur, art collector and founder of Mahs Art Galleries & Mahs Art Foundation.


For more than a decade he worked directing, producing, advising and Curating diverse artistic events. Transmitting culture through art, architecture, photography and fashion among other vanguards using as a thread design.


Since participation in production of the Latin Grammys Las Vegas, Hombresen Falda Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Istanbul, Lisbon ... More than a dozen art exhibits in museums, cultural centers and art galleries in Europe, Asia and the United States aswell as art works by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Rauschenberg, Yves Klein, Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Enrico Castellani, Fernando Botero, Roberto Matta, Diego Rivera, Ai Weiwei, Zeng Fanzhi, Wade Guyton, George Condo, Bosco Sodi, Marcello Lo Giudicce.


Currently working with the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center curating events and exhibitions with new artists like the Colombian Ana Gonzalez and the Italian artist Serena Scapagnini among others.


During this year a retrospective of Salvador Dali and works of Mexican artist Remedios Varo Spanish origin will be presented.