Viernes de Tertulia

Friday of Tertulia, artistic and literary event, announces its day of February of 2017 the cartoonist and caricaturist Arístides Pumariega. The Friday program of Tertulia, led by writer and journalist Luis de la Paz, is a production of the Creation Art Center, an organization chaired by Pedro Pablo Peña, general director of the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center. Friday of Tertulia will have its next activity on Friday, March 17, 2017, at 8:30 p.m., at 111 SW 5th. Avenida, with the participation of Arístides Pumariega. More information at (305) 549-7711. Arístides Pumariega (Arístide). Draftsman, plastic artist, cartoonist, graphic designer, artistic director of flat press, artistic director of musical and humoristic shows. He was born in Madruga, Havana, December 18, 1935. He studied journalism at the National School "Márquez Sterling". He was professional musician from the 15 to the 22 years and journalist and graphic artist (caricaturist) from the 22 to the present. Cuban of deep connection of his work with the Caribbean and of intense Cubanism and musicality. Scenographer and art advisor of Cuban television and clubs: Red Room of Hotel Capri, Caribbean Room of Habana Libre and Tropicana. He was musician of the combo of Senén Suárez and of its own set, Kubanart. His graphic work is considerable. He has participated in multiple collective and personal exhibitions, his work is in several countries. Personal and collective exhibitions in Cuba, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, United States. He has published several books, coauthored with the writer Rebeca Ulloa: Fidel Castro, the last dinosaur, Subdesarrolloperez@balsero.coño, El Viejo y Mal, Azúcar (anecdotes and caricatures of Cuban musicians). All published in Colombia. In Miami, in 2013, Olancho Café and in 2016 the book Body to Body, with Neo Club Editions. He is currently working on an anthology of his graphic work. He has published in newspapers and magazines in Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, the United States and others. In Cuba, he was artistic director of the humorous weekly Palante y Palante and magazine Opina. He published in the magazine Bohemia and in almost all the periodicals of his time. In 1969 he was separated from the press of his country, punished by Fidel Castro for having played with a few words from one of his speeches, and confined first to agriculture and then to a company as a worker. In those years of punishment, he made Transiport magazine but his name could not appear. His character Subdesarrollo Pérez, has remained as representative of the costumbrismo in the Cuban graphic history. In 1998 he travels and stays in Colombia, where he has participated in several exhibitions and has published in the magazines Diners and Contravía; In the newspapers El Espectador, El Tiempo and in online publications. And he worked as a university teacher. Considered the Dean of Caricature in Cuba, he is among the 20 most recognized caricaturists of the twentieth century in Cuba and among the 100 in the world, according to the study conducted by Fumetto, Italian Humor Center. He has received national and international awards among which stand out: Montreal 1967 prize, "Man and the Earth"; Japan Prize 1994 "The Way"; Repeatedly awarded at the International Biennial of Humor in San Antonio de los Baños and other national competitions. In 2005 he travels to Miami from Colombia and in 2008 he finally resides in Miami, where he has made several personal and collective exhibitions, has ventured into the world of the animated, performing several with animator Michael Marichal. He has collaborated with several newspapers and magazines online, and local newspapers, such as El mundo NP and with the weekly LIBRE and magazine Caritate, of the Apogeo Foundation. It remains active in the political caricature, and personal that are the genres in which it has stood out the most and is recognized. In the Cultural Center CubaOcho in La Pequeña Habana, has an important collection of fresco murals with caricatures of personalities of music and culture. He also made a giant mural for the Art Garden in Hialeah; And in 2017, as part of the Hialeah mayoral project at the JFK Library, made the mural "Don Quixote de la Mancha". He collaborates with his art in the production of promotional materials of various manifestations. In Miami he received a proclamation from the mayor's office, as well as from the mayor of Union City. In New York 2006 he made two exhibitions and in his work the New York New York collection stands out. And in 2017 he exhibited his work at the Instituto Cervantes. The documentary by Ubaldo Medina Arístide and his three banks collects his activity as an artist and part of his life, in essence is the story of survival of a caricaturist in a totalitarian regime like Cuba and several collections of his work are shown.

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