Exclusive Premier "Trilogy of Consciousness"

Creation Art Center, will present the exclusive premiere in Miami of “Trilogy of Consciousness”, a series of short films directed by Cristian Proa at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center located at 111 Southwest 5th Avenue, Miami Florida 33130, on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 of January 2017 / 7:30 PM, . Free Admission , followed by the screening and Q & A with the film’s director/producer. Info at 786-747-1877

"Ashes", Actors: Juan David Ferrer, María Camila Castillo, Carlos Mario Gómez. Explores the journey of two people to get rid of half the press that oppresses them daily and not to lose even in the worst conditions there sensitivity. beside being a critique of the average viewer and a tribute to the craft of the actor.

"Dreamers of Decadence", Actors: Julián Rubio, María Camila Castillo, Juan Alberto Ramírez. The society has fallen into an existential limbo, a woman is in a lucid dream, she will receive a message from humanity. The Evolution or extinction of the human being depends upon itself.

"The others", Actors: Francisco porras Paloma Marqués . Two beings perform an introspective journey to escape a city, superficial, callous and full of overstimulation. Does one give oneself to tide or resist? Thats the dilemma.

About the director; Cristian Proa, he was born in Mexico City on August 31, 1982. His a Film director and writer. He has participated in various seminars and has worked alongside teachers like: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Fernando Meirelles, Mary Sweeny, Rafael Perrin, German Robles, Josefo Rodriguez and sculptor Javier Marin. His work as a director has led to present his work at major cultural venues in the city of Mexico like Museo Soumaya, Cineteque Nacional, Palacio de Bellas artes, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Biblioteca Vasconcelos, and Museo Diego Rivera. In other countries like Chile and USA exhibiting in koubek Center, Art Basel, and O cinema in Miami and Palacio de la Moneda in Santiago, Chile. Cristian has also been selected to participate in international festivals, being recognized for his creativity in art.

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