About Us

Mission Statement   


Creation Art Center’s mission is to preserve and promote the Hispanic  arts and culture in the Miami Dade County and Little Havana community.  The organization’s goals are to provide quality arts programming, education and productions for the local community and visitors; and to support Hispanic artists in South Florida. 


Our History

Creation Art Center (CAC), founded in 1983, is a not for profit cultural organization with 501(c)(3) status. It was created by dedicated professionals who support and enhance the progress of Hispanic artists in Miami-Dade County. More than 35 years of experience have earned the CAC trust and recognition, placing the organization in a unique position to offer the community a wide-range of activities.


Since December 2012, Creation Art Center has had a permanent home at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center (MHCAC).  This beautiful new center resides in the J.W. Warner House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been covered in the most important book of historical Landmark Buildings, Barbara Lee Diamonstein’s “Remaking America”. It is centrally located between the Miami River, Downtown and Brickell, easily accessible to the Miami community, tourists and visitors.


CAC targets both residents and visitors to Miami-Dade County  providing quality arts programs and  is committed to making its work accessible through community outreach and education for youth and adults in addition to performing arts productions. CAC  also serves the large elderly population that resides in the Hispanic neighboring area, providing them the opportunity to participate and to attend to all cultural activities.


Over its 35 years of history, CAC has demonstrated commitment to creating theatrical interpretations of the classic repertoire and presenting the work of emerging and established playwrights. The organization offers an annual season of theater productions, play-readings,  poem readings, workshops, Literary encounters,  and book presentations, which are presented in Spanish. These activities are open to the public and anyone interested in learning about Hispanic Theater and Culture.


CAC seeks an integration of cultural genres. In an effort to broaden its appeal to the non-Spanish speaking community, while maintaining its commitment to support Hispanic artists, CAC also offer concerts, musical recitals and art exhibitions that do not require spoken capabilities.  The programs at the MHCAC "Pena's Gallery"  include art exhibits featuring local and visiting visual artists from Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, open every day to the public and free of charge to all visitors to this Historic Landmark.  CAC also supports numerous Hispanic organizations in the development of their work by providing guidance, in-kind support.


The large Hispanic community in Miami-Dade County is diverse and there is a great demand for Hispanic cultural activities that help  preserve the art, language and respected theater traditions. CAC's  theater productions have had significant ticket sales and excellent press coverage and reviews, some of it's  works include ‘La Maxima Felicidad’ by Venezuelan playwright Isaac Chocrón (2003); ‘The Wishing Tree’, a musical adapted from the book by Shubert Fendrich  and Bill Francoeur (2004); ‘Otelo…Sniff’ produced by Teatro Guloya, Dominican Republic, adapted from the play ‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare (2005); ‘Fábulas’, a play-reading for children of all ages by Cuenteros Theater (2008); ‘La Visita de la Vieja Dama’ by Friedrich Duerrenmatt (2009) and 'La Ultima Parada' (2010) directed by Rolando Moreno ; The Lorca Festival and Orinoco directed by Max Ferra; three play-readings by Federico García Lorca (2011), the zarzuela PoPoPo (2012), "La Cantante Calva" by Eugene Ionesco (2012). "Josefina La viajera" by Cuban writer Abilio Estevez (2013), "Nosotros" by Fernando Auspura (2014) and "La Fierecilla Domada" by William Shakespeare (2015), among others.


CAC presents literary encounters at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center scheduled to take place on the third Friday of each month, conducted by Miami Herald's writer and reviewer  Luis de la Paz.  “Viernes de Tertulia" is a probing retrospective of creativity and artistic individuality where different artists from different literary backgrounds are invited for an intimate look into their creative how’s and Why’s.  Featuring renowned Hispanic novelists, poets, playrights, directors and cinematographers interviewed by the host sharing their professional careers and experiences.


Conferences and Book presentations are also part of CAC's programs.  In 2014 CAC hosted the First Edition of the Festival de Arte y Literatura Independiente de Miami" VISTA" in collaboration with Neo Club Press.


CAC  presents a series of concerts at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center featuring a wide range of musical styles by musicians and vocal interpreters. The audience is given the opportunity to experience the artists in an intimate up close setting.


The Creation Art Center presents a series of art exhibits at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center's "Pena's Gallery" where every 6 or 8 weeks a different artist is invited to exhibit their work.  Artistic Director Pablo Pablo Peña with the collaboration of a local, national and international team of curators select each one of the artists. The Gallery is open every day to the public free of charge, and there will also be a permanent exhibit of the history of this Historical Landmark, the J.W. Warner House, and Little Havana.  CAC  plans to become the premier gallery showcasing  the incredible talent of our Latin American artists.   CAC at Pena's Gallery,  providing these artist with an opportunity to express themselves freely and openly, providing the public with unprecedented access to Latin Visual and plastic artists that would otherwise not be available.  Since 2012 The Art Gallery has exhibited works by over 100 artists. Among them "Sculptures and Drawings" by Mario Almaguer;  "Dramaturgia Humana" by Ernesto Capdevila, "Visiones Alternativas" by Tony Rodriguez, "Fragments" by Jenny Alfonso Relova, a Cuban artist who resides in France, Ana Rodriguez, a Colombian artist whose work "Ballerina" was selected as the poster for the XVIII International Ballet Festival of Miami 2013. Of particular importance was the   exhibition "Works on Paper" showcasing Contemporary Cuban art by 30 well respected artists who have lived outside the island, presented in collaboration with Alexandra's Art 954 and included very well-respected artists such as Gustavo Acosta, Carlos Alfonso, Nestor Arenas, Jose Bedia, Margarita Cano, Pablo Cano, Ernesto Capdevila, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Ana Albertina Delgado, Ana Mendieta, Cesar Trosobares and Pedro Vizcaino. "Art and Cause" by Antuan and Leonel Matheo was presented during  Miami Art Basel.  In 2014 the CAC Gallery continued showcasing  works by artists such as Ninoska Perez Castellon, Juan Damas, Daniel Padron, Carlos Catire Guembe, Tatiana Riquelme and in Collaboration with FV Comtemporary Art Gallery, Oaxaca Mexico, premiered in Miami "Oaxaca Art Miami " by  Mexican artist Pablo Estevez Sanchez Most recently during Art Bassell Miami 2015 CAC premiered in collaboration with RomeParisNewYork Limited  "Synapses" a work of Italian Artist Serena Scapagnini.

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