Creation Art Center

​CAC “Viernes de Tertulia “ is a chic retrospective of creativity and artistic individuality. Different artist of different artistic backgrounds will be invited to for an intimate look to their creative how’s and why’s. these encounters will be held at the MHCAC throughout the year on the third Friday of every month

The Creation Art Center presents a series of art exhibits at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center's "Pena's Gallery" where every 6 or 8 weeks a different artist is invited to exhibit their work. Artistic Director Pablo Pablo Peña with the collaboration of a local, national and international team of curators select each one of the artists. The Gallery is open every day to the public free of charge, and there will also be a permanent exhibit of the history of this  Historical Landmark, the J.W. Warner House, and Little Havana.  CAC plans to become the premier galley showcasing the incredible talent of our Latin American artists. CAC at Pena's Gallery, providing these artist with an opportunity to express themselves freely and openly, providing the public with unprecedented access to Latin Visual and plastic artists that would otherwise not be available.

CAC presents a series of concerts at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center featuring a wide range of musical styles by musicians and vocal interpreters. The audience is given the opportunity to experience the artists in an intimate up close setting.

CAC highlights Latin American Theater and the artistic importance of the rich and expressive Spanish language. Under the guidance of CAC's resident theater director Rolando Moreno, this season will not only create theatrical interpretations of the classic repertoire but will include the work of emerging and established playwrights.  During these theater productions one of the MHCAC studios is converted into an Arena like “Black Box" theater space in which the audience surrounds the stage area.