Other Artistic Experiences

International Photo Exhibition

March 03, 2017

International Photography Tour 2017 Open to the public from March 3 to April 7 of 2017 Tribute to the Venezuelan photographer Romulo Ollarves England, Spain and Paraguay will meet in this country in 2017 in countries like El Salvador, Usa, Mexico, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Peru and Spain, in a photographic tour in honor of the deceased Venezuelan Photographer, Romulo Ollarves. Beatriz Poluk, who represents Canada, coordinator and exhibitor, convened the call to gather the artists and form the group of photographers and make the link with the cultural institutions, where the main idea is to make a cultural link between distant countries, where the Photography becomes the protagonist and acts as visual communicator. Each photographer participates with 5 photographs based on a photographic series and each exhibition presents a different theme, where each photographer poses the same according to his point of view, showing 25 photographs in total in each exhibition Betty Poluk and Wuilsse Chavez for Canada, Dean Petty for Usa, Keith Elliott for England and Alfred Pajes for Paraguay, are the photographers that through art makes it possible to create a link between different countries regardless of distance or language. This 2017 tour is planned to start on February 1 in El Salvador (El Salvador) at the Salvadoran American Cultural Center with the theme "Nadir", to continue in March in Usa (Miami) at the Centro Cultural de Arte Hispano with the theme "Punto de Mira", in May in Mexico (Santiago de Querétaro ) In the Cultural Center Mr. Enrique Burgos Mondragon with the theme "The Color", in June in Paraguay (Asuncion) in the Ruiz Benitez Gallery (with the theme "Arboles", in August in Nicaragua (Granada) Worlds with the theme "Gente", in September in Peru (Piura) in the Nair and Nap Gallery with the theme "Tristeza", in October in Nicaragua (Leon) in Casa de la Cultura Leon with the theme "Flight" and in November In Spain (Barcelona - Puigcerda) in the Puigcerda Museum with the theme "Minimalist" When the artist shows his photographs, it is important for each of them that the viewer is the one who chooses the story for each photo, that is the same, the protagonist, "the photograph leads you to inquire more about the actual story or not Carry each image.

“La fotografía artística no se realiza para agradar o desgranar al espectador, es simplemente una herramienta libre y espontánea de comunicación visual “. -Beatriz Poluk . 
Para los artistas las expectaciones siempre son las mismas , lo importante es llegar al espectador, “quien es el que tiene la ultima palabra“ y poder llegar al punto de encuentro de comunicación entre el espectador y el artista

R&E Tempest Too (Creation Art Center)

February 19, 2017

Creation Art Center & Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center

R&J The Tempest Too!
Zest Collective Performance Art, Isanusi Garcia Rodriguez and Outre Theatre Co.

Sunday, February 19th at 5pm

Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center

111 SW 5th Ave, Miami 33130

"In fair Florida where we lay our scene, a brave new world like few have seen"

A unique interdisciplinary performance combining Afro-Cuban and American Ballet, Spoken Word, History and Current events inspired by Shakespeare’s earliest, and final works. Romeo and Juliet, is an adaptation of English poet Arthur Brooke's powerful message of sin and redemption. When it opened on the stage - the rest was history! R & J The Tempest Too! includes Florida's rich history of explorers and immigrant journeys through our state as Shakespeare penned his last work, The Tempest.

The setting is early 1600 when European monarchies contracted explorers to learn more about the rest of the world and religious wars forced many to flee to the Americas. Florida's coast and peoples were exotic, sometimes dangerous, but many braved the ocean, shipwrecked and tossed about by unimaginable tempests, and the harsh, isolated life they'd find, for safer havens. Like the Dickinsons who experienced an epic journey on foot from Stewart to Saint Augustine in the 1690's. Their detailed journal of encounters with tropical creatures, escape from native tribes, eventually finding a Spanish military escort to freedom, reads like an adventure novel!

But it actually happened here in Florida. Shakespeare heard these nautical tales from returning shipmen, merchants and missionaries. Choreography and a mysterious Narrator in "R & J The Tempest Too!" take the audience on a fast moving journey from the 1600's in 'La Florida' into the future!

Zest Collective Performance Art group, NYC, features award-winning dance artists Lukasz Zieba & Mariusz Daniel Kujawski from Poland, Midori Nonaka & Riiko Kitayama from Japan, with Guest Artists, Christie Scitturo, and the Actors of Outre Theatre Company. Choreography by Cuban Ballet Artist, Isanusi Garcia Rodriguez with Gentry Isaiah George, Creative Director of ZCPA, create three masterful works performed at key moments in the play blend American history with plots of 'Romeo and Juliet' (R&J) and 'The Tempest' to bring about a suprise ending that feels very current!

Where: The Performance will take on the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center outside Stage, with seating capacity for 300 people.

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